Teacher Information (top)
Name: Mr. Andrew Hogan
Phone: (831) 484-2166

About San Benancio Middle School (top)
San Benancio Middle School offers a rich array of programs, challenging and engaging instruction, and extracurricular activities, all of which encourage students to learn to reach their potential, whether it is through academics, sports, arts, music, or leadership. The school has a long and proud history of academic achievement, thanks to an experienced and dedicated teaching staff and a curriculum that aligns with the State’s Standards in all the content areas.

Students attending San Benancio experience challenging instruction that prepares them well for their high school experience. Graduates of San Benancio are academically successful and are often the student leaders in their high schools, whether in public or private settings. Students at the school perform exceptionally well on state tests and successfully compete in county academic competitions, such as the Spelling Bee and Math Counts. In addition to academics, students may participate in several instrumental groups, in performance and visual arts, the school’s yearbook, team sports, and community service activities.

Course Description (top)
Students in grade seven study the social, cultural, and technological changes that occurred in Europe, Africa, and Asia in the years 500–1789 CE. After reviewing the ancient world and the ways in which archaeologists and historians uncover the past, students study the history and geography of great civilizations that were developing concurrently throughout the world during medieval and early modern times. They examine the growing economic interaction among civilizations as well as the exchange of ideas, beliefs, technologies, and commodities. They learn about the resulting growth of Enlightenment philosophy and the new examination of the concepts of reason and authority, the natural rights of human beings and the divine right of kings, experimentalism in science, and the dogma of belief. Finally, students assess the political forces let loose by the Enlightenment, particularly the rise of democratic ideas, and they learn about the continuing influence of these ideas in the world today.

Student Evaluation (top)
The Grading System will be as follows:
        Attendance & Participation: 5%
        Projects: 15%
        Classwork & Homework: 20%
        Writing Assignments: 20%
        Formal Assessments: 40% (Note: The final is worth 5%)

        A: 90% and Above
        B: 80-89%
        C: 70-79%
        D: 60-69%
        F: Below 59%

Classroom Expectations (top)
GOLDEN RULE: Never speak while someone else is speaking
        1) Students must come to class on time
        2) Assignments are turned in on time
        3) Participate in class discussions
        4) Have a positive attitude in class
        5) Come to class ready to learn
        6) Treat peers with respect
        7) Use technology responsibly
        8) Treat school property with respect

Late Work (top)
If a student has an excused absence, then late work will be accepted between two days to one week after the student returns to school (depending on the length of the excused absence). For students turning in assignment late because of an unexcused absence or another reason, the individual will lose a predetermined amount of points depending on the type of assignment. For writing assignments, students will lose 10% off of their grade for every day late. If a writing assignment is turned in more that five days late, the student will receive half credit. For all other assignments, they will be accepted late for half credit. Late work must be turned in over the course of the relevant unit or five days after the assignment was due if the due date was during the final week of the unit. Assignments turned in after this time will not be accepted.

NOTE: I have a much more liberal late work policy than the rest of San Benancio Middle School because I do not want to damage grades beyond repair due to a simple mistake. If students abuse my late work policy, I reserve the right to adopt the “zero tolerance” late work policy that has been implemented by many of the other teachers.

Online Grades (top)
I will post grades online as soon as I am able to finish grading the assignment for each and every student in the class—this will take no longer than one week from the due date (grades will often be posted sooner). If, for whatever reason, assignment grades are going to be posted later than a week after the due date, I will inform the class and give an estimated date in which grades will be posted.

Attendance and Participation (top)
Students are expected to get to class on time and participate in the planned activities for the day. At the beginning of each trimester, students will start with 120 points in the attendance and participation category of their grade (60 points for attendance and 60 points for participation). If the student meets the classroom expectations, then they will receive the full 120 points, if not, the grade in this category will go down. I will keep track of attendance and participation on Class Dojo.

NOTE: While the attendance and participation portion of the grade is only 5%, it does factor in a great deal in the citizenship grade. For example, a student with below 80% in attendance and participation cannot earn an “O” in citizenship.

Cheating and Plagiarism (top)
Zero Tolerance: There is a zero tolerance for cheating. Students caught cheating will be given an automatic zero on the assignment, project, quiz or test and receive a detention. Parents will be notified and other teachers at San Benancio will be alerted. The student will also receive a U in citizenship for the trimester and be ineligible for the honor roll. Cheating includes, but is not limited to, copying someone else’s work, “lending” your workbook, notes and homework to another student, and “lending” knowledge of a test/quiz to another student. Don’t risk your grade and integrity for a few points. Please see Mr. Hogan if you have any questions regarding this policy.

Historical Movies (top)
There may be movies shown throughout the year that have various ratings (none will be rated “R”) and all of those shown will be related to the unit that we are covering. A permission slip will not be sent out for each movie. Please indicate if your son/daughter has permission to view these movies in class. There will be an alternate assignment for students who are absent or do not have parental permission to watch the movie.

CLICK HERE for a PDF version of the class syllabus. (top)